COSI - Center of Science and Industry: Signage and Wayfinding

Location: Columbus, Ohio | Role: Graphic Design Intern

Since moving to a larger facility in 1999, COSI has undergone a massive rebranding of their visual language, leaving a mismatched system of signage that does not accurately represent what COSI is today. As the Graphic Design Intern, it was my duty to analyze how to bring certain exhibits up to date with the current system and implement new signage accordingly for permanent and visiting exhibits.

COSI General Exhibit Signage

Exhibits that are not included in one of larger exhibit areas (Gadgets, Space, Life, etc.) received signage that was implemented in the style of their main branding visual language. This included the use of their 'cheerio' style that carried a consistent look and feel of their brand for the main halls and general purpose of the museum.

COSI Special Events

In addition to working on signage for permanent exhibits, I created signage and branding for several special events held at COSI, such as the Get Fit Family Day event. The signage needed to direct guests to specific areas of the musuem for different activites as well as convey when certain events were taking place.

Signage for Different Exhibits

The exhibits within COSI contain their own branding and visual system that is different than their overall branding system. I redesigned their existing, outdated signage to match their current signage systems for each exhibit to create a cohesive experience for their guests.