Healthcare Intelligence: Becoming the Best Practice (WIP)

Client: Healthcare Intelligence | Role: Creative Direction and Graphic Design

Healthcare Intelligence is a company that consults with healthcare organizations across the country on restructuring call center processes and developing patient centric coordination of care models. I was approached by Healthcare Intelligence to work on a rebranding of their branding and visual identity system to help facilitate a clearer voice on what they represent and the services they offer. Range of work includes logotype, icons, business cards, PowerPoint and Excel templates, and web work.

Determining the Colors of Healthcare

Working with the client, we first determined an appropriate range of colors to represent their company. We thought a range of teal and green accurately represented the feeling of life and organization that the company needed to portray. I suggested using a peach in addition to teal and green as an accent color used sparingly. This color pallet gives a strong amount of range to be used across all components of the brand.

Logo Sketches

For the logo, the client had a clear vision of what they were after. They wanted a logo depicting two hands in the shape of a tree, used to represent life and giving aid to others. I played with various interpretation of the hand form, ranging from something rigid and abstract to something more natural. To further cement the idea of a healthcare organization focus on a patient centric system of thought, I suggested forming the logo into a shape of a heart, which could be used to represent the patient across various symbology used in the brand.

Final Logotype

After working with the client to determine the best icon for the logo, something with a strong mix of organic and clean forms, I thought it would be best to apply the same concept to the treatment of the type in the logo.

Developing the Visual Language

With the logotype in place, it was then my duty to begin fleshing out the rest of the visual identity. Using some of the visual cues found in the logo, I created illustrations used to represent the nine services that the company specializes in.

More work coming soon!